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Project Y.E.S.

Project Y.E.S. is a youth mentoring program for students in fourth and fifth grade. The  mission of the Project Y.E.S. program is to help students feel connected to their school and their community through small group mentorships.  Students can be referred to Project Y.E.S. by teachers, counselors, administrators, or parents. Weekly meetings focus on academics, […]

Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing English Language Arts (ELA) seeks to teach English language literacy skills, primarily expressed in the ability to effectively read, write, listen, and speak. Standards and objectives that describe grade-level expectations for teaching and learning these skills are found within the state of Virginia’s English Standards of Learning. The Arlington Public Schools ELA program […]

Advisory Council

The Barcroft School Counseling Advisory Council meet three times a year to discuss the school counseling program and advise on issues such as counseling events, parent/student engagement, and community needs.  The council consists of teachers, parents, and staff from the Barcroft school community.  They are an invaluable part of the counseling program. If you are […]

Fourth Grade

Barcroft’s 4th Grade Team Ms. Metz – Ms. Splan – Ms. Stevens – Primary Support for 4th Grade Ms. Johnson – Ms. Klapper – Ms. Kozma –

Third Grade

Barcroft’s 3rd Grade Team Ms. Aldrich – Mr. Murphey – Mrs. Umila –   Primary Support for 3rd Grade Ms. Johnson – Ms. Kuncar – Mr. T – Ms. Wright –

Second Grade

Barcroft’s 2nd Grade Team Ms. Hamblin – Ms. McCormick-Evans – Ms. Phipps – Ms. Rogers – Mrs. Valcourt – Primary Support for 2nd Grade Ms. Aspacio – Ms. Klapper –

First Grade

Barcroft’s 1st Grade Team Ms. Arroyo – Ms. Murphy – Ms. Smith – Primary Support for 1st Grade Ms. Cicala – Ms. Diallo – Ms. Snead –


Barcroft’s Kindergarten Team Ms. Benitez – Mr. Christian – Ms. Contreras – Ms. Flores – Ms. Michel – Ms. Sondheim – Ms. Spraggins – Ms. Vilela – Primary Support for Kindergarten Ms. Diallo – Ms. Snead –  


Barcroft’s Pre-K Team Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) Ms. Daniela – Mr. Grayson – Ms. Katie – Ms. Vonda – Community Peer Preschool Ms. Erra – Ms. Johanna – Ms. Remadan – Special Education Preschool Ms. Kamila – Ms. Stephanie – Ms. Tracy –

Health & PE

Meet Ms. Brown ” My name is Denise Renee Brown. I was born on January 30th in Washington, D.C. I decided to teach Health and Physical Education because I love sports and fitness. When I am not teaching, I am at the gym, traveling, reading, working crosswords, watching movies, and relaxing! What I like the […]