Judy Apostolico-Buck, Principal

Gabriel Rivas Gaby Rivas, Assistant Principal

Before her appointment as Assistant Principal, Gabriela “Gaby” Rivas worked at the Arlington Public Schools’ Department of Teaching and Learning, where she served as the ESOL/HILT Elementary Specialist for the district’s 23 elementary schools. Gaby designed and facilitated professional development on literacy workshop, math workshop, co-teaching, and instructional coaching at the local, state, and international level. Gaby holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, a Master in Education from Marymount University, a Reading Specialist post-Master’s from the University of Virginia. and a post-Master’s in Administration Leadership from George Washington University. She is a Teacher Consultant (’15) for the Northern Virginia Writing Project.Gaby came to the United States when she was 10 years old and learned English as her second language.In fact, Gaby has always loved studying different languages since she was a child. She speaks Spanish fluently and also studied French and Japanese. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband and six children. Gaby Rivas loves to learn and credits this to past and current teachers and mentors who inspire her every day.