Barcroft Clinic Contact Information

Clinic Aide: Pamela Jimenez


Nurse: Austin Hodge


If your child is sent home due to symptoms of a COVID-like illness, please be aware of the following APS guidelines:

Covid-Like Symptoms:

  • Students with COVID-like symptoms will be sent home – please do not send them back to school until they are fever-free for 24+ hours (without the use of medication), their symptoms have improved, and they meet the following requirement:
    • The results of a negative test or alternative diagnosis from a healthcare provider must be provided prior to returning to school.
      • All test types are permitted for clearance to return (including lab report, physician’s note, or image of an at-home rapid test result, confirmed by parent).
      • The test must be taken after the student developed symptoms, and documentation of the negative result must be provided.
      • Submit documentation for clearance by going to this link:
      • Attendance will be notified automatically once you enter your information at this link

Positive Cases:

    • Attendance will be notified automatically once you enter your information at this link
  • After testing positive for COVID, your child is required to isolate at home for five days and can return on Day 6 if symptoms have improved.
    • When returning to school on day 6, your child must mask while in school buildings on days 6-10.
    • If you child is unable or unwilling to mask and who are symptom-free may return with a negative test result on or after Day 6.  All test types are accepted.
    • Students should not return to school if they are still experiencing symptoms, even if 5 days have passed.

Please go to the APS website for more information on COVID:

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