Be Organized!

You’ll need:

  • A three ringed notebook or binder
  • Hole punched folders
  • Three ringed clear pencil case or zip lock bag
  • Expandable folder

Closed binders

 Binder with supplies

Assignment book first!

So you know what you need to do.


 assignment book in binder

Homework Folder

 homework folder in binder

At school:

  • Put homework on the left side.

At home:

  • Finished work on the right.
 folder labeled Take Home and Bring to School

 Color Code each subject.

 green folder labeled "science"  orange folder labeled "social studies"  purple folder labeled "language arts"  red folder labeled "math"

 A clear plastic three ringed pencil case helps you stay organized!

 zippered pencil pouch in binder

Make sure your parents look at your Thursday Folder for important information!

 Thursday folder

 At home:

An expandable folder can help you to be organized for the entire school year!

 expandable folder with tabs

Once a month go through each folder.

  • Recycle the papers no longer need.
  • Keep test, study guides, and important papers to help you study for big test like the SOL’s or end of year test.
  • Place in the appropriate section of your expandable folder.
 expandable folder with tabs and folder


Put all papers in Folders.


messy backpack


organized backpack

 Organize your work space.

 markers and pencils in plastic tubs

 An organized desk:

  • Keep your papers and folders stacked neatly on one side.
  • Stack your school books neatly on the other.
 desk with spirals and books

 Seat Cubbies:

  • Papers in folders.
  • Books stacked.
 seat cubbie with notebooks


  • Stack books and folders.
  • Hang your jacket and backpack.
 wall cubbie with backpack, jacket, and books