Fifth Grade

Welcome to the Fifth Grade Team

The Fifth Grade Team includes:

Myrel UmilaMyrel Umila

Kathryn WhiteKathryn White

Jaclyn WelshJaclyn Welsh

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Fifth Grade Theme:  Systems

Language Arts Math Science Social Studies
1st Quarter
  • Conflict & Resolution
  • Using Story Structure
  • Character Motives
  • Unit 1, Addition & Subtraction of large numbers
  • Unit 3, Multiplication & Division
  • Scientific Method,
  • Organisms & Cells
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
2nd Quarter Theme

  • Asking Questions
  • Unit 4, Fractions
  • Unit 5, Circles/3D Geometry
  • Unit 6
  • Earth’s Surface
  • Rocks
  • Old and New Stone Ages
  • The Fertile Crescent
3rd Quarter
  • Make Inferences
  • Story Structure
  • Main Idea & Details
  • Unit 6 Fractions, Percents, & Decimals
  • Unit 7, Multiplication & Division
  • Oceans, Sound, Light
  • Early Egypt
  • Early China
4th Quarter
  • Matter,
  • 4th Grade Science Review
  • Mesoamerica
  • Early Middle Ages

Robust Vocabulary

Theme One

1)  Rope Burn:  humiliation, expectations, fringes, hesitating, sincere, coaxed
2)  Line Drive:  maven, mortified, reigned, conceited, designated, smirk, exhilarated
3)  Chang and the Bamboo Flute:  pried, desperately, sneered, indignantly, urgently, grudgingly
4)  The Daring Nellie Bly:  relented, faze, eccentric, infuriated, disheartened, impassable, crusaded
5) It Takes Talent:  genial, prognostication, stricken, dramatically, restrain, protest, feverishly, overcome, flop, spectacular

Theme Four

16)  The School Story:  tempted, insights, essence, indication, proposed, instinct, baffled
17)  Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street:  hiatus, embarked, unimaginable, extravagant, gourmet, throng, precarious
18)  Project Mulberry:  compartments, swayed, phobia, invasion, vetoed, wispy
19)  Inventing the Future:  tendency, feat, irrepressible, prestigious, device, industry
20)  Invention Convention:  scours, appropriate, practical, portable, circulate, protrude, boisterous, deduction, fickle, measly

Theme Two

6)  The Night of San Juan:  wistful, grateful, grim, raspy, swarmed, revelers, irresistible
7)  When the Circus Came to Town:  fret, assured, nudged, outlandish, ruckus, proclaimed
8)  When Washington Crossed the Delaware:  crucial, crisis, maneuvered, perseverance, encountered, persuading, appealed, destiny
9)  Leonardo’s Horse:  scholars, specialized, gesture, envisioned, proportion, resisted
10)  The Secret Ingredient:  eminent, charity, modest, disgruntled, inadequate, aghast, dismayed, amends, absentminded, concoction

Theme Five

21)  Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles:  basking, sleek, vital, damage, analyzing, detect
22)  The Power of W.O.W!:  somberly, stammers, monopolize, deflated, enraptured, enterprising, cumbersome
23)  Any Small Goodness:  gouges, desolate, bustles, fervor, immaculate, assuage
24)  Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride:  excursions, giddy, pinnacle, gleeful, panic, turbulent, precious
25)  The Compassion Campaign: loathe, altruism, bland, mentor, sensibility, advocacy, dilapidated, mistreated, coordination, compassionate

Theme Three

11)  Sailing Home: A Story of a Childhood at Sea:  inflammable, dignified, rowdy, seldom, conducted, shatter, broached
12)  Ultimate Field Trip 3: Wading Into Marine Biology:  adjust, residents, specimens, recoil, pesky, debris, internal
13)  Stormalong:  bellowing, outcast, reputation, betrayed, yearning, withered,  escapades, unfathomable
14)  A Drop of Water:  elongates, elastic, rigid, accumulate, underlying, intricate, vanish, replenishing
15)  How Prairie Became Ocean:  recount, uninhabitable, sustain, monotonous,  endeavor, dwell, brimming, teeming, parched, sorrowful

Theme Six

26) Lewis and Clark:  asset, esteem, intently, profusely, ordeal, terrain, dismal,    peril
27)  Klondike Kate:  remote, grueling, isolated, laden, appalled, invest, floundered
28)  The Top of the World: Climbing Mt. Everest:  summit, accustomed, secure, essential, streamlined, acclimate
29)  The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon:  ignited, squinting, jettisoned, tranquility, cramped, potentially
30)  Exploring the Gulf Coast:  poised, earnestly, insufficient, exceptional, achievement, bickering, equivalent, regal, customary, provoke