Welcome to Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Team includes:

Denice ArroyoTeacher: Denice Arroyo

Nicole FischerTeacher: Nicole Fischer

Krystal SpragginsTeacher: Krystal Spraggins

Maria ContrerasAssistant: Maria Contreras

Kelly KremposkyAssistant: Kelly Kremposky

Marina BenitezAssistant: Marina Benitez

We are so excited to welcome you to a year filled will learning, building meaningful friendships, and becoming citizens of the world. We will be learning about our role model Leonardo da Vinci.  We will use Leonardo da Vinci’s methods of learning to help us build our curiosity for the world!

Kindergarten Year at a Glance

Theme: Cooperation




1st Citizenship Citizenship, Wants/Needs, Resources, Jobs
2nd Past and Present Famous People and Holidays, Past and Present, Five Senses, Physical Properties
3rd The World Around Us Geography, America, Magnets, Shadows
4th Changes and Cycles Living Things, Water, Patterns, Change Over Time, Scientific Investigation

Classroom Instruction

  • Language arts instruction includes an hour of PALS (phonemic awareness literacy screening) instruction each day
    • Students are grouped based on ongoing assessments
    • Each small group will meet with the teacher four times a week during P.A.L.S instruction time
    • Word study, concept of print, phonology, handwriting, letter/sounds, and rhyming are taught during this time
  • Students wiSpecialsll practice writing daily, focusing on stretching out words and using spacing, punctuation, and sentence variation.
  • Students will be engaged in shared, guided, and independent reading and writing daily.
  • Teachers read aloud from a variety of texts, including poems, fiction and non-fiction on a daily basis.
  • In Mathematics, students will learn to count, classify, sequence, sort, match, and experiment with math through hands-on investigations.
  • Experiences are presented in a way which allows students to discover how mathematical concepts can be used in interdisciplinary ways.
  • Opportunities are given for students to answer open-ended questions and extend thinking.
  • Instruction from specialists in music, physical education, art, Spanish, and library are provided.

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