Beliefs, Vision, and Mission


  • All students want to learn and deserve access to a rigorous curriculum.
  • Counseling services are an integral part of all students’ school experience.
  • It is the responsibility of a school counseling program to reach all students and help them to achieve success in every aspect of their lives.
  • Counseling services should be evidence-based and program evaluations should inform future services.
  • It is the duty of a school counselor to identify any inequities within the school and to pursue innovative solutions to correct them.
  • Diversity should be recognized and all students should be treated as individuals.
  • Communication with parents, teachers, school staff, and utilization of community resources is essential for counselors to best serve the students.


The students at Barcroft Elementary will become culturally aware and socially responsible individuals.  This will be fostered through all students having access to culturally competent counseling services and facilitating connections between the school and the community.

Barcroft students will have high academic expectations for themselves and know how to reach their goals.  This will be accomplished through individual support, school-wide academic guidance, and cultivating an environment of universal high expectations.

Students will be prepared for important life decisions, but will also be aware of the resources available to them and have the self-assurance to seek assistance when it is required.  This will be achieved by providing all students with counseling services that are informed, caring, and relevant to their needs.


The mission of the Barcroft Counseling Program is to help create an environment where there are high expectations of all students and all students are provided with the tools, encouragement, and support to reach these expectations.  Activities to reach this mission include providing individual counseling to navigate life decisions, running groups to foster interpersonal development and peer encouragement, collaborating with other staff members to address systemic barriers to success, and advocating for students within school and beyond to ensure they reach their potential.