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Meet Ms. Brown

Denise Brown

” My name is Denise Renee Brown. I was born on January 30th in Washington, D.C. I decided to teach Health and Physical Education because I love sports and fitness. When I am not teaching, I am at the gym, traveling, reading, working crosswords, watching movies, and relaxing! What I like the most about Barcroft is the friendships I have developed with co-workers over the years, as well as the enthusiasm, creativity and joy of learning that my students demonstrate.”

Meet Ms. Batten

Margaret Batten

Tennis Shoes Policy

We want all students to have fun and be safe. Your child MUST wear tennis shoes on the days he/she has P.E. When students forget to wear tennis shoes, we will send home a gentle reminder in the form of a short note that should be signed and returned. Below is a list of footwear that is NOT acceptable for P.E.

  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Flip Flops
  • Dress shoes (with heels or hard soles)
  • Crocks

As always, we appreciate your understanding and support with this matter.

Mrs. Brown (Follow me on Twitter @teachnpe)
Ms Batten
(703) 228-5838 ext 8849

For more information about the new Physical Education Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools, visit the website below.