Communications, Volunteer, and Membership Form


Please fill out this form and return it to your child’s teacher or the school office.

Child’s Full Name: _____________________________Grade/Teacher: ____________________________

2nd Child’s Full Name: ___________________________Grade/Teacher: ____________________________

3rd Child’s Full Name: ___________________________Grade/Teacher: ____________________________

Parent/Guardian Name:____________________________ e-mail: _____________________________

Parent/Guardian 2 Full Name:________________________e-mail: _____________________________

Language(s) Spoken at Home: ____________________________________________________________

Phone Number(s): home:________________work/cell: ____________________cell#2: ________________

Check here if you would like to be on a general volunteer list   __________

Do you speak other languages? If so, can you help with translation? Please check here __________

Which languages?____________________

At Barcroft, we consider all of our families to be members of the Barcroft PTA. To become an official member of the National PTA, the Virginia PTA, and the Barcroft PTA, please enclose $5.00 per adult or $10.00 per couple.

Cash: $ _____________Check Amount: $ ____________ (make checks payable to “Barcroft PTA”).

Optional Membership Donation (to defray membership costs) $__________