Our School Counselor: Joel Phillips

“I joined the team at Barcroft Elementary in 2015 and since then I’ve enjoyed working with such a welcoming and diverse community.  I have a background in education, having worked in schools in the United Kingdom (my home country), Thailand, and Turkey.  I love working with students in multicultural settings and this has been the foundation of my approach to school counseling.  When I’m not at Barcroft, you may find me at one of the tennis courts or bike trails in Arlington. I also have a passion for cinema and enjoy watching European football (soccer!).

I also take an ecological approach to the profession. Students are parts of complex systems involving their cultural background, peers, teachers, family, community and more. By seeking to understand and work within and across the different levels of this ecological system one is better prepared to support the students.”

Joel Phillips is the full-time school counselor at Barcroft Elementary School.  He can be contacted at or 703-228-8114


What does an elementary school counselor do?

An elementary school counselor provides services to all students to improve academic success, support social/emotional development, and promote career and college readiness.  Parents/Guardians must notify the school inwriting if they wish toopt their children out of personal/social lessons. Regular counselor tasks include:

  • Teaching guidance lessons to all students
  • Counseling students individually
  • Running programs with small groups
  • Supporting school transitions
  • Providing information to parents regarding internal and external programs
  • Consulting with teachers, parents, and community members
  • Conducting needs assessments to inform counseling services
  • Providing referrals to external programs and services

When should I contact the school counselor?

If you have any concerns about your child’s academics or their social/emotional state then you can call or email the school counselor.  You can also contact the counselor to discuss any of the issues listed above.  Due to confidentiality, detailed or sensitive discussions are best held over the phone or in person.

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