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Putting a book on Hold in Pictures. Pon un libro en espera en Destiny Descubre en inglés

Destiny Discover Catalog

How to put a book on Hold for Monday Curbside pickup using APS MyAccess on an ipad in English.

Cómo poner un libro en espera para la recogida del lunes en la acera usando APS MyAccess en un ipad en inglés

IInstructions for putting a book on Hold for Monday Curbside pickup in Spanish.

Instrucciones para poner un libro en espera para la recogida de la acera del lunes en español.

Putting a Book on Hold using this Form.

Directions for Getting eBooks  through Canvas

Directions for downloading the Destiny Read App to use with Destiny eBooks. 

How to get to eBooks and the APS databases through MackinVia.         vvia

Enjoy these “click and go” digital books:  

No passwords necessary!! 

Unite for Literacy   Storyline Online 

NYC  multi-lingual Covid-19 collection

Kid-friendly Internet Search Engines:   KidRex and Kiddle


For parents and students: how to place a Hold on library books for curbside pick-up.  Click here.

How to get APS databases and eBooks through Canvas: Click here.

How to get to eBooks and the APS databases through MackinVia.  Click here.

How to download eBooks on the Destiny READ app: Click here.

Directions in Spanish & English for getting eBooks and Audio Books:  click here.

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