iPad Help Resources

Need help with your device? Check out the resources here. If you are still in need of assistance, please contact brctechhelp@apsva.us

Can’t see all of your Seesaw Classes?

Be sure that you have the most updated Seesaw App (v. 7.2.5). You can update your apps via the App Store on personal devices. APS devices should be up-to-date.

Click your name in the top left corner. You should get a drop-down list of all classes.

If you still cannot see all of your classes, contact your homeroom teacher and ask for a new Home Learning Code. Sign out of Seesaw and try signing in again with the new code.

How to open a Teams Meeting shared in Seesaw on a non-APS iPad or iPhone :

Opening Teams from Seesaw on an iPhone or iPad from Sara Mulrooney on Vimeo.


Global Protect issues? Try these steps:

  1. Restart the iPad – press and hold the lock button, then slide to power off.
  2. Turn the iPad back on
  3. Log in to HUB
  4. Press the home button to open the Settings app.
  5. VPN should say “Not Connected” or toggled off – it should be gray and NOT green
  6. Find “General” on the left, then “VPN” on the right – click on “Not Connected >”
  7. Click on the blue circle with the little “i” to the right of GlobalProtect 5.0 (aw gui)
  8. Find “Connect on Demand” and toggle off – should NOT be green.
  9. Press the Home button and open GlobalProtect
  10. Press “Tap to Connect”
  11. If you are not prompted for the password go back into settings and make sure VPN is toggled off
  12. Go back to GlobalProtect and try “Tap to Connect” again
  13. It should prompt you for the password – enter the password and click “Sign in”
  14. Go back into settings and toggle “Connect on Demand” back ON

Connecting to your Home Network:

Connect to WiFi at home (English)
Connect to WiFi at home (Spanish)

Connecting at home video: