Personalized Learning

Implementation at Barcroft

At Barcroft, students in grades two and three will will be using the iPads to develop skills in literacy and math and various other core subject areas. The iPads will go home for homework assignments after students become familiar with the device and how to use it at home. All students will participate in the […]

Lost or damaged devices

What about lost, stolen or damaged devices? Last year this was not a problem at Barcroft, and we expect the students will continue to take good care of their devices. In the unlikely event that a device is damaged, lost, or stolen, and the child has taken reasonable precautions to take care of it, APS […]

Family Resources

How can I oversee use of the device at home to ensure proper use? Are there resources for families? APS has acquired a Digital Citizenship curriculum for all of our classes. The curriculum is provided by Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media also provides information for parents on the use of technology at home. You […]