Upcoming Testing Information: SOLs

During the school year, statewide testing is scheduled for students.

Beginning May 16, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will take their Standards Of Learning tests in various subjects. Reading and Math tests are scheduled over two days, while Virginia Studies (grade 4) and Science (grade 5) tests are taken in one day. The tests are administered online using student iPads. You can help with test preparations by making sure that your child has a good night sleep, arrives to school on time each morning, and is prepared for the test. Encourage your child to work hard and try his/her best. The testing schedule by grade is below. Please make every effort to avoid scheduling any appointments during the testing period. 

  • Third Grade – tests begin at 9:15AM
    • May 16 – Reading, part one
    • May 17 – Reading, part two
    • May 25 – Math, part one
    • May 26, Math, part two
  • Fourth Grade – tests begin at 10:20AM
    • May 19 – Reading, part one
    • May 20 – Reading, part two
    • May 31 – Math, part one
    • June 1 – Math, part two
    • June 7 – Virginia Studies
  • Fifth Grade – tests begin at 10:20AM
    • May 23 – Reading, part one
    • May 24 – Reading, part two
    • May 27 – Science
    • June 2 – Math, part one
    • June 3 – Math, part two


At the end of March, students in second, third, fourth, or fifth grade who do no have an abilities test score will take the CogAT assessment. Most students took the CogAT earlier this school year; however, the window reopens in the spring for new students or students who are referred to Gifted Services.Beginning May 16, 2022, third, fourth, and fifth graders take Virginia’s Standards of Learning Tests in various subjects. A schedule of testing dates will be shared with the Barcroft community once they are finalized. The tests take place during the school day, so appointments should not be scheduled on testing days.

From mid-January through mid-March, English Learners will take the WIDA Access test. Additional information about WIDA Access testing is available by the Assessment Office. Barcroft English Learner students are scheduled to take the WIDA Access test on the following dates during the school day:

  • WIDA for Kindergarten students: February 28 – March 3
  • WIDA for Grades 1-5 students: March 7 – 11
  • WIDA Makeups: March 14 – 18