Walk to School Wednesdays

Did you know that walking, biking, scootering, busing and carpooling can be good for the environment? Most cars burn gasoline (refined oil) to make them move. This is a fossil fuel which comes from the earth. When it’s burned for energy, it causes air pollution. We should try to cut down on using our cars whenever possible. So, why not walk, bike, scooter, ride the bus or carpool when you can? That’s why our Environmental Club is promoting Walk to School Wednesday!

By choosing to come to school one of these ways, you are reducing your waste of fossil fuels and helping to cut down on air pollution!

  • walk
  • bike
  • scooter
  • ride the bus
  • carpool (2+ families in one car)

On Wednesdays, if you walk, bike, scooter, ride the bus or carpool to school, write your name on a post it and put it on the poster hanging in the lobby! We want to highlight those who are making a difference for the health of the planet!

A poster hung on a wall titled Walk to School Wednesday. Post-it notes are grouped in categories for walking, biking, busing, carpooling, scootering, or skating to school.