Science Lab

Ms. Bouton with Steve Spangler
Ms. Bouton with Steve Spangler

In the Science Lab, students are engaged in “hands-on and minds-on” activities that allow students to explore, experiment and investigate the world around them. Each grade level focuses on specific Virginia SOL objectives. This year the lab is teaching Kindergarten, First and Fifth grades

  • Kindergarten lessons are about their five senses, magnets, properties of water, basic life needs of plants and animals, shadows, weather pattern plant and animal growth, recycles, conserving, and reusing.
  • First grade studies classification, how objects move, plants, night and day, seasons, weather, natural resources, interactions with water.
  • Second grade studies magnetism, properties of matter, measurement, living and non-living things, weather, and plant and animal life.
  • Third grade studies physical properties, simple machines, earth patterns, soil and energy.
  • Fourth grade studies plants, Virginia natural resources, living systems, earth patterns, electricity and motion.
  • Fifth grade focuses on organisms and cells, oceans, earth’s surface, sound, light and matter.

Science Club Gif Scientist GifIn the lab we conduct investigations to reinforce these concepts. While doing their investigative projects, students gain knowledge and develop science process and critical-thinking skills.

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