Science in First Grade

How I interact with my world

  • Scientific and Engineering Practices
  • Force, Motion, and Energy
  • Matter
  • Living Systems and Processes
  • Earth and Space Systems
  • Earth Resource

A first grader observes a plant with a handheld microscope.    First graders watch a chemical reaction of colored water bubbling over onto the table.    First grade scientists work together outside.

In first-grade science, students become aware of factors that affect their daily lives. Students continue to learn about the basic needs of all living things and that living things respond to factors in their environment, including weather and the change of season. They continue the examination of matter by observing physical properties and how materials interact with light. Throughout the elementary years, students will develop scientific skills, supported by mathematics and computational thinking, as they learn science content. In first grade, students will develop skills in posing simple questions, conducting simple investigations, observing, classifying, and communicating information about the natural world. Students are introduced to the engineering design process.