Science in Fourth Grade

Our place in the solar system

  • Scientific and Engineering Practices
  • Living Systems and Processes
  • Earth and Space Systems
  • Earth Resources

Fourth grade scientists measure the weight of a tulip bulb using a scale. Fourth grade scientists learn about planets Fourth grade scientists working together.

Our solar system is a grand place, and in fourth-grade science, students learn where we fit in this solar system. Starting with the solar system, and then moving to the planet Earth, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and finally their specific ecosystems, students examine how features of plants and animals support life. They also explore how living things interact with both living and nonliving components in their ecosystems. Throughout the elementary years, students will develop scientific skills, supported by mathematics and computational thinking, as they learn science content. In fourth grade, students will continue to develop skills in posing questions and predicting outcomes, planning and conducting simple investigations, collecting and analyzing data, constructing explanations, and communicating information about the natural world. Students continue to use the engineering design process to apply their scientific knowledge to solve problems.